About Eugene Rain

Misha has been slave to the flame since 1995, and Matt closely followed suit in 1996. With a background prominent in glass sculpture and functional art, they endeavor toward making waves in the glass art field.

“We strive to offer the best quality glass while always pushing ourselves to be innovative and original. We specialize in marbles, lampwork beads, pendants, jewelry, body jewelry, decorative or functional glass art, and more. Custom work is available. If you have an idea, we can make it a reality.”

Their son, Brishen, is just as addicted to glass as his parents. He has been around glass since he was born, and at the age of 5, his dad let go of his hand at the torch. Presently, at the young age of 8, Brishen has already developed a fan base for his marbles, has been published in Flow Magazine (2003), and shows his art in a handful of galleries and amongst collectors around the world. Brishen’s motto is “Marbles for everyone!” and he’s living up to it!

Eugene Rain offers lampworking classes in a professional environment, from beginner to advanced students. Misha and Matt are both very versatile Lampworkers and are able to offer a variety of courses and techniques.



One comment

  1. hi Eugene Rain…
    GLASS IN THE FAMILY..awesome 🙂
    mona & the girls

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