Why do you blog?

October 2, 2007



I don’t normally answer questions with questions, but no one asked me anything anyway. So I figured, why not start the blog with a question about none other than…blogs.

What do you get out of blogging? Do you blog daily? Why do you blog?



  1. Some days a big pain in my head…oh, you were being serious?

    It’s the “bandwagon” effect…but I can’t see getting to daily because I doubt I have that much to say and if I get to that much time on my hands, I should be making jewelry!!!

  2. I’m with Joolz – bandwagon thing. I have to admit it is sort of fun throwing out ideas. It won’t be a daily thing but it is fun reading the blogs of others.

  3. I am loving the whole blogging thing! But then, I’ve always been a journal person. I guess its just gratifying knowing tha at a least a few of you are out there caring enough to read it everyday.

    Is my blog gonna bring world peace? Hell, no! But does it calm me, and give me some peace of mind to write my entries at night? You bet.

  4. It’s because we all want to be heard. 🙂 I like blogging, gives me a place to talk that no one has to talk back if they don’t want too.

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